attorney at law

Please allow me, to introduce myself as Dr. Tamás Zugfil, attorney at law, registered member of the Bar Council of Pécs and the Hungarian Bar Association. I studied at the Law Faculty of the University of Pécs, where I graduated in 2008, on “cum laude” qualification degree.

Right after graduation, I started working at the Law office of SCHVERTFŐGEL and PARTNER, as a junior and quite soon as a senior attorney trainee (2008-2012), where - thanks to my excellent mentors - I have learned the practical side of the law used on daily basis, obtained the knowledge to be an attorney, and the basic principles like the moral and ethical sides of this profession.

In 2012, I passed my bar examination with “excellent” qualification. From October 2012 I have been working as an attorney at law a registered member of the Bar Council of Pécs. The office of mine can be found at 85 Király Street which has an exclusive interior and is well prepared for any office activities.

I have high language proficiency in German and English languages. This fact gives the background to serve foreign and home principals as well.

As an attorney I believe it is particularly important to serve my clients at extremely high level, in creative, accurate and profound style, with prompt, dynamic and reliable legal administration. The link between the lawyer and the client is based on reliance, which is, according to my opinion, an absolute priority of our profession. I am convinced, this reliance may only be built and sustained, primarily if the lawyer’s work is fully conscientious, and it requires a completely intensive and informative communication between the legal representative and the principal. This is followed by a deeply detailed and highly accurate case-knowledge.

To resolve a legal case successfully and effectively, constructive cooperation of the principal and the trustee is needed. That is why I resolve each brief of mine with full and active inclusion of my trustees in order to meet my clients’ highest requirements by taking their interests into account In general, every client of ours believes that their case is the most important and that is what we lawyers have to keep in mind.

If this short introduction caught your eyes please use the menu where you will find more information about my legal specialties and activities, and also my availabilities.

Yours sincerely,

dr. Tamás Zugfil attorney at law