1. Classical Civil Law: sale contracts and transactions, donations, business issues, tenement, settlement- and life-annuity cases; other instruments (e.g.: testaments) editing, all-inclusive administration during contracting, legal representation in court or in non-trial procedures, administration in bank- and credit issues, full representation in probate proceedings, consultancy in restructuring/rescheduling of debt(s), wholesale legal consultancy, etc…
  2. Economic Law: preliminary and wholesale consultancy in company foundation issues, modification, alteration, transference of business shares and whole companies, bankruptcy- liquidation- and company adjustment procedures, consultancy in the issue of law of business associations, business management, guidance in firm- and project financing.
  3. Real Estate Law: legal transaction of investments, consultancy in real-estate development, elaboration of the legal concept of real-estate innovation projects, land register procedures with full legal representation, representation during in authorization procedure, presale-consultancy, soil cases (e.g.: offer making, sale- and purchase contract managing, questions in the topic of preemptive rights, etc…), housing-issues such as: apartment complexes’ or block of flats’ foundation deed’ and the organizational and operational rules’ (bylaws) verification.
  4. Family Law: preliminary consultancy in marriage contract issues, legal representation in marriage dissolution in court, and in non-trial procedures.
  5. Labourer- and Administrative law: labourer-contracts, student-contracts and other labourer-law connected contracts, composition of other legal instruments, consultancy on labourer-law, legal representation in public administration tasks, administrative procedures (Building Administration Procedure, Guardianship- and Child Protection Procedure, etc...) wholesale legal representation and consultancy.